Katherine Boland’s life has been influenced by many vistas. In this body of work, ‘Horizons’, Boland blends these memories into an evocative series of works reflecting on these influences, both visual and emotional.

Boland’s interest in horizons evolved from her youth on a ship bound to Australia from England. Excitement, anticipation and apprehension became synonymous with the distant blue line. In turn that theoretical intersection with its very real mix of elements influenced her in many other ways into her adult life.

This juxtaposition of the intangible and illusory underpins her new work with a fragile, elusive quality yet she focuses the interpretative elements of landscape quite boldly.

Boland layers her paint on scorched timber and cuts back and applies more layers until she achieves a lustrous depth to her work. She plays with light in way that gives a delicate radiance and while she mixes a subtle palette, the colours saturate the work and leave you with a sense of grounding and security. 

Catriona Gilles 2008