Across The Bay To Williamstown_08_120x150cm_wood stain,oil,varnish wood burning on inscribed timber panel

​Artist’s Horizon Expands Prize

The 2009 Heysen Prize for Interpretation of Place has been awarded to Victorian artist Katherine Boland for her meditative painting 'Across the Bay to Williamstown'. Judge Susan McCulloch described the work as “coolly rational in its long perspectives and strong structure” that spoke of “the universality of the horizon and this artist’s regular and ongoing engagement with it”. "It was no surprise to read in her statement that horizons of many varied countries have been of both long fascination and perhaps the anchor which keeps her artistically and one may surmise emotionally grounded', she said. McCulloch noted that the artist’s use of material – scraped paint over board – added a depth and quality that may have been absent had a more conventional approach been used.

Melinda Rankin
Hahndorf Academy